RecipeDave’s Tailgater

From the heart of Wisconsin! Perfect for summer BBQ and to eat into the fall at those football tailgating parties!

Serves 4


2 Packages of Favorite Johnsonville Fresh Bratwurst (Cheddar, Hot And Spicy Work Great!)

2 Medium Onions, Sliced Thin

1 Tablespoon Famous Dave’s All Purpose Seasoning

1 Tablespoon Butter

Cup Beer

Cup Famous Dave’s Rich and Sassy Bbq Sauce.

1 Large Piece of Foil

10 Crusty French Rolls

Products Used


  1. Prepare grill with coals at a medium, direct and even heat.
  2. Put sliced onions, seasonings, butter, beer and Famous Dave’s Rich and Sassy all in a foil “bowl”, fold up and put directly over coals, cook about 30 minutes until onions are soft and a nice sauce is made.
  3. Grill bratwurst on same grill until done.
  4. Serve Bratwurst on a roll with BBQ onion beer sauce. Also great as a cheeseburger, steak or pork chop topping!!!!

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