RecipeFamous Dave’s Fiery Chicken Wings

For a blazing twist on a barbeque standard, be sure to watch the instructional video on how to make Famous Dave’s Fiery Chicken Wings. These delectable wings have an intense flavor that definitely puts a flaming spin on a classic favorite.

Serves 4
Famous Dave's Original Recipe


  • Famous Dave’s Texas Pit barbecue sauce
  • Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit barbecue sauce
  • Famous Dave’s Pineapple Rage hot sauce
  • Devil’s Spit Seasoning
  • Chicken rub seasoning
  • Chicken wings


Step 1

In a large mixing bowl, combine Famous Dave’s Texas Pit, Devil’s Spit, and Pineapple Rage sauces and stir well.

Step 2

Take your chicken wings and season both sides with Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit seasoning, and Chicken Rub seasoning.

Step 3

Char grill the chicken wings with the meat side down, and flip as needed. Once the wings are browned on each side, use a mop with your chicken wing barbecue sauce and coat each side.

Step 4

Once wings are caramelized, pull from the grill and enjoy!

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