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Over 700 awards. This is what you bring to the table with Famous Products. It’s time to rock the block with rich, saucy, succulent, concentrated deliciousness. You’re not just making a meal. You’re carrying on a legend

Amazing flavor starts with
an amazing story.

Famous Dave Anderson discovered the smokey, tangy taste of BBQ as a kid growing up in Chicago. His father loved to fill his lunch bucket with spareribs from the street vendors who did their cooking the traditional way in 55 gallon smokers. The young Dave couldn’t wait to devour the ribs he brought home.

It ignited a passion that would take Famous Dave on a 25-year quest to create the best BBQ on earth. He tried them all. The neighborhood BBQ shacks of Memphis, Kansas City, and Chicago. The backwoods smoke-houses of the Deep South. The great mesquite pits of Texas. Tasting. Testing. Refining. Grinding fresh herbs and spices. Understanding the intricate balance of natural ingredients like fruit juices, vinegars and black strap molasses. He perfected one authentic recipe after another. It made Famous Dave a legendary pitmaster with over 700 awards to his name.

With Famous Products, you bring all that delicious creativity to your cooking. It’s time to rock the block with the most irresistible BBQ your friends and family ever tasted. You’re not just making a meal. You’re carrying on a legend.

BLUE RIBBON BRAND Over 700 awards.
So far.

In 1995 Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy barbeque sauce won 1st place at the prestigious American Royal Barbeque Sauce Contest in Kansas City. Our awards continue to pile up thicker than ribs on a plate. The competitive cook-offs with top chefs and pitmasters has honed our craft and refined our recipes. It makes Famous Products special. Serve them proudly, knowing they’ve been judged delicious.

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