Flavor Profile: Spicy

Sweet n’ Spicy Pickle Chips

Devil’s Spit™ Bloody Mary Mix

Famous Dave’s Fiery Chicken Wings

For a blazing twist on a barbeque standard, be sure to watch the instructional video on how to make Famous Dave’s Fiery Chicken Wings. These delectable wings have an intense flavor that definitely puts a flaming spin on a classic favorite.

Famous Dave’s Pork Butt

Check out the latest video tutorial featuring Famous Dave, as he presents in easy steps how to create his delicious pork butt for unforgettable chopped pork. Famous Dave doesn’t “pull” pork. This sets him apart from other masters.

Jalepeno Corn Bread Mix

Rich & Sassy Holiday Meatball Recipe

Happy Holidays! Here’s what we hope will become a holiday tradition for your family, our favorite meatball recipe, JINGLE BALLS.

Our festive family tradition, Jingle Balls, are bursting with tasty holiday happiness. Dip generously in the Jingle Ball Dipping Sauce and savor the spicy/sweet jolt of flavor that only Famous Dave’s can bring! 

Devil’s Spit™

Sweet n’ Spicy Pickle Spears

Devil’s Spit™ Pickle Chips

Pork Marinade

Spicy Dill Pickle Chips

Devils Spit™ Seasoning

Spicy Chicken Rub

Cajun Spice Rub

Hot & Sassy™

Georgia Mustard