RecipeChipotle BBQ Chicken Grilled Flatbread

These can be served as an appetizer, or as an individual serving. A cross between a quesadilla, a California style pizza and a flatbread. They can be cooked on the grill with the top on, or in a well-seasoned iron skillet on the stovetop.

Serves 4
Chipotle BBQ Chicken Grilled Flatbread


8 Ounce Chicken Breast, Boneless, Skinless

1 Teaspoon Famous Dave’s Rub for Chicken Wings

1 Medium Size Red Onion, Sliced Thin

1 Slice, Smoked Bacon, Cut Across in Strips.

4 Ounces Famous Dave’s Smoky Chipotle BBQ Sauce

6 Ounces Colby Jack, Or Monterrey Jack Cheese, Grated

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

2 Each 12″ Flour Tortillas

1/2 Cup Chopped Cilantro

Products Used


  1. Heat a few coals on a grill until glowing. Season great.
  2. In the meantime, rub chicken breast with Famous Dave’s Chicken Wing Rub.
  3. When coals are hot cook chicken until just done, about 3 minutes per side, remove and rest wrapped in foil 10 minutes.
  4. Heat a medium pan over medium heat. Add bacon pieces and cook until fat just starts to render, add onions and cook on low heat about 10 minutes until onions are soft and cooked and just starting to caramelize.
  5. Slice the chicken breast and toss in a bowl with the Famous Dave’s Smoky Chipotle BBQ Sauce.
  6. Brush the bottom of flour tortillas with a little olive oil, top each with half the chicken mixture, onion/bacon mixture and top with grated cheese.
  7. Put on hot grill with lid on for about 3 minutes, until bottom of tortilla is crispy and slightly charred. Remove carefully with a spatula.
  8. Top with chopped fresh cilantro and serve.

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